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Our Kitchen Garden

2nd Jun 2014

The kitchen garden at the Montagu Arms has been developed as an educational resource producing food for use in The Terrace restaurant and the hotels country pub, Monty's Inn. The Garden, lovingly tended to by our head gardener, celebrates the sheer joy of growing and cooking your own fruits and vegetables whilst maintaining a respect for our natural environment.
Head Chef Matthew Tomkinson and the staff of The Montagu Arms Hotel believe that free-range organic produce is not just better, because of its purity and freedom from additives but because it tastes a lot better too.
Complete with free-range chickens to provide eggs for breakfast, we have also installed a rocket composter, an in-vessel system that efficiently composts food waste. Food waste is a significant part of our hotel's waste and it is anticipated that the rocket composter will reduce the amount of waste generated by almost half.
Through much hard work and dedication, the Kitchen Garden is already growing an abundance of carrots, runner beans, chard, beetroot, spinach, Jerusalem artichokes, sweat peas and asparagus, while courgettes, marrow, purple kale and cucumber are all developing well.


If you would like to visit the kitchen garden and enjoy some of it's bountiful produce via one of our award winning restaurants, please call 01590 612324 to make a booking or contact us online

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