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Winding pathways, luscious green lawns and flower beds bursting with colour; our garden has plenty to enjoy all year round.

Upon arrival, slow down to admire the scenery around you as you make your way to reception. 
Breathe in the pleasant aromas of fragrant mahonia, roses, lilies and honeysuckle as you drift through the garden.
Listen to busy bumblebees and admire the silent flutter of butterflies as they enjoy rich nectar from towering buddlejas and delicately swaying verbena.
Wrens, house martins, collared doves and song thrushes - to name a few of our resident birds - welcome each new day with their morning chorus. 
And the robins befriend our gardeners, following them everywhere they go, plucking worms from flower beds. 
Pass under our wonderful wisteria and into our newly refurbished courtyard, where raised beds, packed full of pollinator-friendly flowers, bring a wash of colour that guides you down the pathway. 
The kitchen garden, nestled neatly behind the greenhouses, is where Jerusalem artichokes soar skywards and radishes, beetroots, carrots and lettuce neatly line the ground, all companion-planted with edible flowers. 
You are encouraged to explore every corner of our garden, admire the wonderful wildlife, engage in conversation with our friendly gardeners and most importantly, enjoy the space that has been created for you. 
Pause for a moment.  
It’s time to relax. 

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