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5 Spring Gardening Tips

26th Apr 2021

Like sourdough starters and Zoom parties, gardening is a trend that has boomed over the last 12 months with a whole new generation of enthusiasts finding a passion for plants. Engaging with nature and feeling a sense of accomplishment watching seedlings grow into beautiful blooms has a positive impact on our mental well-being as well as having physical benefits, which is why this is a trend is set to stay.
We asked our Kitchen Gardener, Barry Daniel for his simple gardening tips to create a colourful haven, home to beautiful wildlife and fragrant plants.
Spring Gardening Tips | Montagu Arms Hotel | Beaulieu

Buy some compost

“Now is a good time to prune roses and summer flowering shrubs such as Buddleias. Make sure you refresh the soil by adding a good mulch of garden compost around plants in the borders but keep the mulch away from stems.
Remove any dead plants but those you think just look a little unwell, I would recommend you keep them going; there’s a chance that with the warmer temperatures they will recover and bounce back to life. ”

Tidy up your lawn

“Lawns can be edged at this time of year using a garden line and board to get a straight line. Wait for a dry day to mow your lawn and preferably leave the grass cuttings on the lawn. Grass cuttings are full of organic nutrients and will reduce the amount of fertiliser you have to use by almost 25%.”

Create your own kitchen garden

"Home-grown vegetables provide nutritious meals as well as a great deal of satisfaction for having nurtured it from seed. Now is a great time to plant tomatoes, aubergines and artichokes, as well as soft fruits such as strawberries. You may find that you're able to purchase plants in grow bags from your local strawberry farm".

Make it pretty

“Snowdrops in the Green can be planted in the garden ready to flower next year. Two seasonal shrubs which are stunning at this time of year are Daphne Odora which has a wonderful scent and Camellia Williamsii Donation has beautiful orchid pink semi double flowers.”

Make them feel at home

“Protecting and looking after our wildlife is very important. Everything from the birds to the bees play a vital role in preserving our environment and that is why we must take care of them. If you haven't got one already, invest in a bird feeder and supply fresh water for them to drink and bathe.”
"Lavender plants are rich in nectar which pollinating insects like bees absolutely love. Rosemary is also bee-friendly and can also be grown for your kitchen as well as to bring fragrance to your garden".
Spring Gardening Tips | Montagu Arms Hotel | New Forest

Barry and Gardener take great care of our grounds which can be enjoyed all year round. To book your stay at our luxury hotel in the New Forest please view our latest special offers and last minute breaks or call 01590 624467 today.
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