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What's Going on in the Garden this Month

10th Jan 2023

It may be winter but Matt our gardener is still busy working away in the gardens. 

What's Happening in January

Our Wisteria is receiving a hard prune, removing the overgrown and invasive branches along with making a second cut on the wispy branches that had their first cut in the summer. This both makes it look tidier and will help promote flowering for the coming year.


Jan blog 4

The deciduous shrubs, trees and hedges will be pruned. Not only to keep them from encroaching onto the walkways but to also giving them a better shape overall.  

Jan blog 3

The interior of the greenhouses will get a deep clean. Removing any moss or weeds that have been growing over the last couple of months, followed by cleaning all the glass to allow the maximum amount of sunlight for seedlings that will be growing in Spring.  The pots are being prepared ready for spring planting.

Jan blog 6

There are lots of branches that will be put through the garden shredder and then used as a mulch for our many flowerbeds. Mulching is a great way of breaking down heavy soil, protecting your plants from frost and giving everything a good feed. 

Jan blog 2

Looking after the wildlife is very important in the winter, including topping up the feeders to keep our many birds happy for the cold months, creating piles of logs and branches for our bugs to take shelter in. 

Jan blog 1

And last but not least plans are being drawn up to redesigning some of the flowerbeds and create a new vegetable patch, providing the chef's with more variety when they go foraging.

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