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What's Going on in the Garden this Month

10th Jul 2023

What's Happening in July

It’s mid July and summer is truly here. The garden is now bursting with colour. 

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Our gardeners are happy to feel a slight relief from the busy spring time jobs coming to an end but are now busy keeping our wonderful garden looking it’s best. 

Below are some of the jobs they will be getting up to over the next few weeks. 

•    Deadheading, which is a constant task, but is well worth spending the time it to keep the flowers going. Our gardeners will be deadheading roses, cosmos, sweet peas, marigolds, cornflowers, sunflowers and zinnias to name just a few. 
•    Feeding the roses
•    Cutting back hardy geraniums and delphiniums to get a second flush of flowers
•    Watering and feeding thirsty plants such as tomatoes, cucumbers and courgette
•    Regular mowing of lawns, keeping the grass that little bit longer than usual to reduce the risk of it dying should we have another drought 
•    Making their own liquid feed using comfrey
•    Regularly cleaning out the bird bath and topping it up with fresh drinking water 
•    Keeping on top of weeds 

Although there’s plenty to be doing in any garden, it’s also very important to take moments to sit back and enjoy what has been created. 

If you can’t make it to the Montagu Arms any time soon then at the very least please enjoy some photos of the wonderful flowers which are brightening up the garden. 

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