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What To Look For In A Dog Friendly Hotel

14th Jul 2023

Planning a getaway with your furry friend?

You may want to consider a pet-friendly hotel. Designed with dogs and their owners in mind with special amenities such as dog beds and menus for your four-legged friend, accommodating hotels such as our very own Hampshire dog friendly hotel are well worth a visit.

To avoid the stress of leaving your pet behind or finding a pet sitter, look out for the key facilities in today's blog when booking a dog friendly hotel.


Pet-Friendly Rooms

One of the first things to consider when booking a holiday for you and your hound is the room you’ll be sharing. Pet-friendly rooms can be equipped with a variety of paw-some features like tile or hardwood flooring for quick clean-ups if necessary, easy access to outdoor areas and cosy dog beds for a comfortable stay.

At The Montagu Arms, our pet-friendly rooms include the Hayloft Suite, Courtyard Retreat, Courtyard Suite and selected Snug rooms in the main house. A dog bed is supplied to ensure they have a safe space and comfy night’s sleep too.


Dog Friendly Hotel - Rooms


Designated Dog Areas

It’s one thing allowing dogs through the door, but will you be restricted once you’re in? Keep in mind that some areas of the hotel may not allow dogs – were you hoping to unwind with a glass of wine in the bar with your pooch, or take tea on the terrace with a wagging tail by your side? The hotel should be clear on which areas within the hotel are indeed dog-friendly.

Dogs are welcome throughout the Montagu Arms hotel except in The Terrace Restaurant, but must be kept on a lead at all times. For more details about holidaying with your dog, please download our 'Petiquette' guidelines.


Dog Friendly Hotels - Terrace


Unleashed Locations

Dog-friendly hotels should be in the paw-fect location for a pet retreat. Nature walks, scenic countryside trails and pooch-friendly parks are all perfect settings for your stay and will paint the backdrop to the memories you make.

Picture miles of open greenery and picturesque rolling hills for the most scenic routes on your daily walks – this is where you’ll find us; in the enchanting New Forest national park.

If on occasion you'd like to venture out without your hound, we've partnered with a local pet sitting service provider, New Forest Pet Services, to ensure your pooch receives plenty of love and care whilst you're not there.


Special Menus – Bone Appetite!

Some hotels will go above and beyond to cater to your dog’s happiness, including with their catering. Food and water are essential for all guests, so be sure to check that a dog bowl will be provided. If there’s dog food on the menu consider it a bonus.

At Monty’s, our relaxed New Forest pub, muddy paws are always welcome. Ask for the ‘A La Bark’ menu, which includes delicious dog dishes – from fish pie to chicken casserole, to keep hungry hounds happy after a long day of exploring.


Dog Friendly Hotel - Menu


Extra Treats

Don’t forget the doggy treats before you book! Look out for optional extras such as doggy daycare services, extra towels, vet access, dog-loving staff, doggy bags, pamper hampers and more. This may be the decision-maker you need when choosing between one hotel and another.

At our dog friendly New Forest hotel, a Beco Pets Doggy Hamper is included in our dog-friendly breaks packages to keep your furry pal pampered and happy during your stay.


Dog Friendly Hotel - Entrance


On a slightly different note, keep an eye out for extra charges too – is there an additional charge per dog, do you have to rent the dog bed? Check the hotel’s pet policy thoroughly and any associated fees to ensure a smooth stay.


Discover the ultimate pet-friendly getaway in the heart of the New Forest national park.


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