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What's Going on in the Garden this Month

10th Apr 2024

What's Happening in our New Forest Hotel Garden this April

Spring has arrived and our hotel gardens are looking beautiful! 


Whilst we're experiencing a lot of rain so far this Spring it does however mean that everything in the garden is happy, green, and growing.

Here at the Montagu Arms Hotel in the New Forest the transition into Spring means that most of the late winter bulbs have finished flowering whilst daffodils and tulips are now putting on a wonderful display of colour. Grass is rapidly growing and needs its regular mow each week. The cherry blossom is at its best and on a breezy day looks magical as a flurry of white petals cascades downwards. Seeds are germinating in the greenhouse which will eventually make their way into our various flower beds and vegetable patch.



We recently held our first Easter egg trail around the garden and were delighted to have so many people take part. The positive feedback we received has confirmed that we plan to host another trail next year.


Like those of you who garden at home, our gardeners daily job list is continually growing. Here's some of the tasks that our gardeners will be doing over April:

•    Seed sowing – Plenty of seeds are being sown this month; annuals and biennials for garden flowers, alongside all of the various vegetables, herbs and salads for our kitchen
•    Feeding lawns with a slow release fertilizer that is high in nitrogen. This will help the grass become healthier and thicker
•    Installing structures for climbing plants such as sweet peas and Ipomoea using bamboo cut from our own garden
•    Weeding - With weeds popping up everywhere its vital that they are removed before they go to seed
•    Planting up hanging baskets in preparation for the summer
•    Dead heading spring bulbs and bedding plants so energy isn't wasted setting seed
•    Regularly checking plants for pests such as aphids. Simply rubbing the aphids off with your fingers will cause them to release a pheromone which lures in birds. The birds will eat them from the floor where they've dropped
•    Pricking out seedlings once they have their true leaves and giving them their own individual pots
•    Cleaning both greenhouses to maximise the amount of sunlight the seedlings receive
•    Turning the compost
•    Making habitats for wildlife using logs and sticks


Our gardeners have received a lot of wonderful comments from our guests in the last few weeks and they appreciate every single one of them. They're excited for the seasons ahead and look forward to welcoming you all into our Hampshire garden as its bursting to life with colour, scent and wildlife. 




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