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Top Tips for Holidaying with Your Dog

2nd Mar 2024

The UK is a wonderfully dog-friendly place to holiday, especially for those dreaming of their first break away with their four-legged friend. 

Quite rightly, you want to ensure they’re going to be as comfortable as you; that there are good spots to go walking, eateries that they will be welcome in, and that the accommodation is suited to all your needs. If they’re comfortable, happy and not anxious about being somewhere new, you’ll feel more relaxed and enjoy a stress-free break. 

When it comes to deciding what kind of holiday to choose, there are some considerations to make in relation to your dog’s disposition. How do they cope with new experiences, are they used to travelling, would they be happiest with space to roam in the countryside as opposed to a city break and urban spaces.

With these considerations in mind, you can prepare them in the run-up to your dog-friendly break. Getting them used to new spaces, longer car journeys and assessing how well they settle in to new environments. Knowing this will allow you to plan a trip that is best suited to your whole family. 

Top tips for holidaying with your dog

Make a list! 

It’s easy to forget things when you’re packing for yourself, let alone a family trip, or the first time away with your dog. Keep things simple, make a list of everything you and they need to ensure a smooth stress-free trip. 
•    Lead, harness, collar with contact tag
•    Food and food bowl
•    Water for the journey and a water bowl
•    Treats
•    Toys
•    Their bed and/or blanket (optional)
•    Poo bags
•    Towel/s or drying robe
•    Medication (if they are on any)


What keeps your pup entertained… Chew toys, balls, tuggy ropes, maze bowls, Kong chews filled with pea-mut butter. You know your dog best – what is going to keep them happy and relaxed. 


Are they microchipped and the details on record up-to-date. It’s also a good idea to check your dog is up-to-date with their flea, tick or worm treatments. 


Get a feel of the area and find walks and attractions near to your accommodation that are dog-friendly, like beaches, forests, parks and gardens.  

A few favourites here in the New Forest National Park are:

•    The out-and-back walk from our Beaulieu hotel to Buckler’s Hard 
•    Head to Wilverley Enclosure and have fun trying the dog ‘Activity Trail’ (obstacle course)
•    Discover the flat beach walk along the Hayling Billy Trail
•    Catch the dog-friendly ferry from Mudeford Quay to Hengistbury Head
•    Explore Exbury Gardens with their dog-friendly restaurant and access throughout the gardens – even on the railway! 

Find more walks recommended by local dog-walker Lauren and dog friendly days out in the New Forest. 

Forest Dog

Emergency plan

It’s always a good idea to know where the nearest vet is, simply save the name and number somewhere safe, just in case.

Regular pitstops 

If it’s a longer journey than they’re used to, plan in your stops so they can stretch their legs and go to the toilet. If you know when you’re stopping you won’t be worried or checking on them every 5 minutes. 

Ease them into the travel

Prepare their travel crate or seat belt system to get them used to it all before making any longer journeys.

Travel sickness

Dogs get motion sick too sometimes, so preparation and travel training can help; keep the car cool, try to face them forward, start with short journeys and build up. Ensuring they are as relaxed as possible before they travel, and having water to give them when you do stop. Speak to your vet if the sickness doesn’t ease, but look out for the symptoms; excessive drooling, swallowing and panting, restlessness, retching or vomiting. 

Time to settle

When you do arrive at your dog-friendly accommodation, give them a chance to settle in. Long journeys can be overwhelming enough, without then presenting them with a whole new environment, especially if it’s their first trip away from home. You may want to bring their bed or a blanket they’re used to, go for a little walk or run around to burn off any excess energy, and then allow them to rest. 


Dogs like routine, so despite being away and everything being different, try to maintain some habits, such as feeding them at the same time, even if that’s the only thing you can control. Allowing them time to rest is important too - most dogs spend a lot of their day sleeping so give them their usual time to relax. 

Get back to basics

You might like to practice basic commands before going away with them for the first time. Improving training such as ‘stay’ and practicing their recall builds on communication and trust, this will help you both to feel more at ease in a new environment. You can rest assured they’re going to stay safe and come back to you whilst walking somewhere new. 

The New Forest makes for an ideal dog-friendly break, offering miles of green open space to roam, and endless walks with streams to paddle in and waves to chase, as well as plenty of dog-friendly pubs, cafes and attractions. 

Our dog-friendly accommodation isn’t just a place for them to sleep, it’s been thoughtfully designed with you and your four-legged friend in mind; cosy dog beds are at the ready, a Beco Pets Doggy Hamper is included in all dog-friendly breaks, and the ‘A La Bark’ menu is available should they need meals. Our pet-friendly rooms have hard flooring for quick clean-ups if necessary, easy access to outdoor safe spaces and designated areas where they are allowed within the hotel. We will even assist with arranging a local pet-sitting service should you wish to venture out without them on occasion. 

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Start planning your New Forest break at our Hampshire hotel. You needn’t stress about places to visit or whether your fur-legged friend will feel happy and safe, we’ve designed our dog-friendly spaces with you and the whole family in mind. 

Why not book your trip to our dog friendly New Forest hotel today!



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