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The Noble Bee Honey Cake Recipe

25th Jun 2023

The Noble Bee Honey Cake

Beaulieu "river mouth apiary"honey, honey chantilly

Showcasing the Noble Bee Honey, which is exceptional quality, award winning New Forest honey from hives located at the mouth of the Beaulieu River just a couple of miles from the hotel.  The single origin honey is 100% natural, raw and unprocessed.

The honey is produced by Simon Noble who inherited his passion for beekeeping from his father and grandfather, both having been hobbyist beekeepers at their family farm in Hythe. Simon now has apiary sites across the New Forest National Park, encompassing a staggeringly diverse variety of nectar sources from a variety of different topographies. This means that the honeys from each of the different locations have fantastically unique aromas and tastes, unlike any other.

The honey cake is perfectly paired with home made ice cream flavoured with camomile grown in the Montagu Garden.


Prep time 30 minutes

Cook time 25 minutes

Serves 10 

Honey Cake Ingredients:

•    175g Icing Sugar 
•    57g Ground Almonds 
•    62g Plain Flour 
•    215g Egg Whites 
•    85g Beurre Noisette 
•    13g Honey
•    10g Baking Powder
•    25g Honey


1.    Sieve the flour, icing sugar and baking powder, then add the ground almonds 
2.    Fold in the egg whites, beurre noisette and the 13g of honey 
3.    Bake at 160c for 25 minutes 
4.    Once baked, cover the cake with the 25g of Warm Honey 

Honey Chantilly Ingredients:

•    112g Honey
•    112g Double Cream
•    150g Double Cream 


1.    Heat the honey to 140c 
2.    Warm the 112g Cream 
3.    Pour the honey over the warmed cream then leave in the fridge to completely chill 
4.    Add the 150g cream to the honey mix once cold and whip until soft peaks form 


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