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Plant-Based Getaways: Why Choose the New Forest?

8th Dec 2023

For the plant-based people in your life who adore fine ingredients, exquisite flavours and thoughtful cuisine, or for those considering Veganuary but worry you may miss out when it comes to dining out, allow us to invite you to visit to the New Forest.

Plant-based getaways and unforgettable vegan dining experiences are absolutely possible here in the heart of our National Park, at our hotel restaurants in Beaulieu.



The month-long challenge of Veganuary begins on the 1st of January; in its infancy it was a challenge to encourage people to explore plant-based eating, now, nine years on, many take it on vehemently as a chance to revitalise and stir up their own cooking and also the dining options they choose. It’s a wonderful way of discovering new ingredients and experimenting with new flavours.

People take on the Veganuary challenge for a host of reasons, but whether you’re dedicating your January to veganism for environmental or health reasons, out of compassion for animals, or you’re already committed to a plant-based lifestyle, no one should miss out when it comes to finding vegan-friendly restaurants.


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The Terrace Restaurant

During the winter months after the Christmas glow has faded, dinner dates and lunchtime get-togethers can be wonderful social events to look forward to. But we also understand that it can be difficult to find plant-based menu options that you feel have been thoughtfully considered. If you’re searching for a vegan restaurant or at least a choice of plant-based dishes, it’s time to visit our two hotel restaurants in Beaulieu.

Executive Head Chef Alistair Craig not only invites you to book with The Terrace, but also to get in touch in advance to allow the team time to craft the best menu options for your dining experience.

Modern British dining at its finest, at The Terrace you can expect nothing less than richness in flavours and warming winter dishes, perhaps you’ll fall for the Heritage Beetroots, Raspberry, Hazelnut and Truffle to start, followed by a delicious Roscoff Onion Tart Tatin, Oyster Mushrooms with a Shallot Ketchup. The kitchen is guided by every season and embraces the importance of locally grown produce for flavour and sustainability, whilst every ingredient is expertly prepared to deliver unforgettable flavours, textures, and aromas.


Beetroot Rec Blog


Vegan Wine

What about the wine list? We hear you ask… Traditionally, fining agents such as egg white are often added to wine to remove tiny particles of sediment, but plant-based alternatives are becoming increasingly popular, which is why our wine list often hosts a selection of vegan wines. Read our blog 'Top 5 Vegan Wines' to find out more.

(It’s important to note that our wine list is always evolving, please mention at the time of booking if you are interested in enjoying vegan wine with your meal so we can be sure to accommodate to your taste.)





Monty's Inn Pub

Allow the charm of Monty’s Inn to draw you in from the cold; a classic countryside pub with a roaring fire welcomes you to enjoy hearty heritage dishes with vegan and vegetarian options to fuel the body and nourish the soul. What could be better after a crisp January forest walk than warming Curried Carrot Soup followed by a delicious Onion and Carrot Bhaji Burger.


Montys Pub - Interior Cosy


Stay & Savour for Longer

Plant-based foodies, we know you’ll end up wanting to stay for longer than planned so why not consider turning your dining experience into an unforgettable overnight stay.

A dining break and time spent exploring our beautiful National Park, in the heart of an ancient woodland and just a short drive from the coast. When you stay with us at our country hotel you will wake up to our continental breakfast with vegan-friendly options, and your choice of plant-based milk on request.


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Vegan-friendly Gifts

If you know someone who would relish an afternoon or evening spent in great company enjoying thoughtfully prepared plant-based dishes, consider gifting them a Christmas gift voucher for The Terrace or Monty’s Inn.

It’s easy to order gift vouchers online and there’s still plenty of time to receive them by Christmas, and all of our gift vouchers are valid for 12 months after purchase, giving your friends or loved ones the wonderful choice of booking in a lunch or dinner that suits them. (Please note postal orders should be placed before 2pm on 21st December to arrive in time for Christmas.)

Local Dining Blog - Terrace Restaurant


Now that you know your dining experiences won’t be hindered by Veganuary, you can fully embrace the challenge of trying new flavours and eating out places; beginning 2024 as you mean to carry on, feeling enthused, inspired, and motivated for the year ahead.





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