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Celebrating 25 years of the DB7

19th Mar 2019

Synonymous with sophistication and elegance, every classic motoring enthusiast can appreciate the beauty of an Aston Martin.

As enthusiasts and owners come together on Sunday 7th April for ‘Simply Aston Martin’, the first of the National Motor Museum Beaulieu’s spring events, it’s also a celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Aston Martin DB7 going into production. In honour of a motoring icon, we take a look into the history of this revered sports car brand and the DB7 itself.

‘Our benchmark is ‘beautiful’

On the bucket-list for most, Aston Martin has been loved since its inception in 1913 and many would argue that no other car exudes more style and class.

With a passion for design, beauty and art, Aston Martin has never fallen out of fashion but instead, the marque has grown from strength to strength. Every design has maintained a timeless, classic beauty since the day Aston Martin was founded by Bamford and Martin, despite having endured two world wars and several changes of hands.

Still proudly British, today Aston Martin aren’t creating vehicles but pieces of art, with a vision to “craft cars that are exhilarating to drive and jaw-dropping to look at. Confidently stating, ‘our benchmark is ‘beautiful’. It drives us to create the most accomplished automotive art in the world.”

The history of the ‘DB’

In 1947 a gentleman called David Brown saw an auspicious advertisement in The Times newspaper which stated that a “High Class Motor Business” was for sale. A trip to Feltham and some negotiations later, David Brown was the proud new owner of Aston Martin and from then on David Brown would see his initials on every Aston Martin car. Little did David Brown know that it would soon be launched to iconic status on the silver screen.

Aston Martin’s relationship with James Bond began in 1964, when Sean Connery formed his on-screen love affair with the DB5 in Goldfinger. Since then, the Aston Martin has been the archetypal bond car, only complementing its already debonair reputation.

In 1972 David Brown sold Aston Martin and that would be the last ‘DB’ the world would see for almost two decades until Ford’s involvement, and then full ownership of Aston Martin in 1994. The DB series was brought back to life with the all new DB7.

Elegant and fluid in form and a true performer worthy of the classic DB appellation, the DB7 was the Aston Martin’s most successful car to date - it was the dawn of a new era for classic motoring.

The DB7

Prior to the unveiling, the DB7 was developed under the code name NPX (what could be more Bond?) and the DB7 came into existence exuding power and luxury, and supremely comfortable to drive, you could not help but to feel like a secret agent.

3 years after the launch of the DB7, Aston Martin revealed the Volante, the DB7’s convertible brother, and they were sold side by side until being replaced by the DB7 Vantage in 1999.  

You are invited…

There could be no better way to jump into the automotive event season at the National Motor Museum, Beaulieu, than with the ‘Simply Aston Martin’ rally on Sunday 7th April. With an expected turnout of more than 300 models in a specially set out arena, this is going to be a true celebration of the DB7 and classic motoring.

If you are going to plan your classic car break around any event this year, this is the one, as ‘Aston Martin Owners’ Club members collate their beautiful array of Aston Martins, from DB7s, coupes and Volante convertibles to modern-day models and Astons like the DB9, Vantage and classics from the 50s and 60s.

During the event, if you could be tempted by an Aston yourself, a dealer from Aston Martin Chichester will be happy to oblige with a range of Astons for sale, plus Beaulieu will be presenting the ‘People’s Choice Award’ to the favourite Aston Martin on show, as voted by visitors and event-goers.

You will be spoiled by the Aston Martins on display, but you can also use your event ticket to venture around the whole of the Beaulieu attraction, including the museum, Beaulieu Abbey and the Palace House and grounds.

Call 01590 624467 to find out more about booking your Classic Car Break in time for the ‘Simply Aston Martin’ rally and pair your passion with a sophisticated escape, exquisite award-winning dining and a classic motoring experience – this is an Aston Martin event after all.



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