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What's Going on in the Garden this Month

10th Apr 2023

As we head into April here in the New Forest we can now see that Spring has most definitely arrived. 

What's Happening in our New Forest hotel gardens this April

Blossom is appearing, birds are singing louder and earlier in the morning, Daffodils and Tulips are in flower and the bees are back to work. 

It’s a fantastic time of year for gardeners with the days now being so much brighter and the soil is already much warmer. 

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Our gardener Matt is now busier than ever. Here’s just a few of the tasks that he will be carrying out over the coming weeks. 

  • Mowing. If you haven’t already mowed your lawn, now is a great time to start. Go easy on the first couple of cuts, making sure to not take off too much, and give the lawn a feed to help it recover from the challenging drought we went through last year. 
  • Hard pruning the Fuchsias to stimulate strong new growth for flowers in late summer. 

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  • Repotting all of the seedlings that have grown in the last month. A good tip, if you’re not sure whether your plant needs repotting, is if you can see roots coming out the bottom of the pot it’s currently in, it’s usually a good indicator that it’s time to give the plant that extra bit of space to grow. Don’t plant it in the biggest pot you can find, but one that is only an inch or so bigger. This means the roots will be able to access all of the water, rather than the water sitting at the bottom of the soil and potentially causing root rot.

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  • Feeding raised beds and pots with liquid seaweed to replace nutrients that get used up over time. 
  • Planting up our hanging baskets with the intention of putting them up around the end of the Month. 
  • Spring pruning the Lavender to minimise woody stems and encourage fresh new growth. 
  • Direct sowing seeds into the veg patch and flower beds. 

Untitled design - 2023-11-01T141005.303

These are just a few of the tasks that Matt will be carrying out, there are plenty more that he will be doing.

For extra tips and jobs to be doing this month we suggest checking websites such as RHS and gardeners world. 




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