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What's Going on in the Garden this Month

7th Mar 2023

What's Happening in our New Forest hotel gardens this March 

March is here which means Spring is on the horizon. The days are noticeably longer and warmer which means it’s time to get yourself into the garden if you haven’t already.  

Here’s what Matt will be working on in the coming weeks. 

Lifting and dividing perennials, mainly focusing on our Day Lillies, Crocosmias and Hostas. Lifting and dividing your perennials every two to three years not only provides you with more plants spread throughout the garden, but it also encourages your plants to remain strong and healthy. 

Having bought our potato seeds recently, they have been chitting in the greenhouse and will soon be planted out.

March Blog 1

Weeding! Whilst it’s lovely too see all that Spring growth appearing, it’s also accompanied by plenty of weeds. The more you can keep on top of your weeds the less chance they have of spreading throughout the garden. 

Sowing plenty more seeds, for both vegetables and flowers. February was a great success for Matt’s early seed sowing. Being fortunate enough to have a heated greenhouse, plenty of seedlings have come through which will provide the garden with an early splash of colour. Once they are slightly larger, they will be potted on and hardened off before planting outside. 

March blog 2

Lastly, the vegetable patch has just had a makeover. Using left over compost bags as weed matting and old bricks that have accumulated over the years, Matt and Pete were able to create a series of pathways between each bed. This will help reduce the amount of weeding and also keep the chefs feet clean when they come out to forage. 

Before...March blog 3

After...March blog 4

There’s plenty more that Matt will be up to and there’s plenty more you can be doing in your gardens and allotments. We suggest visiting some useful sites such as Gardeners World and RHS for extra suggestions. 


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