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Perfecting The Sunday Roast | Pork

4th Feb 2016

Getting together with family and friends at the end of the week is a favourite British tradition for many. It enables families to reconnect after a busy week and spend quality time together over a delicious meal.
A roast dinner is traditionally served on a Sunday consisting of roasted meat and potatoes with accompaniments such as stuffing, gravy and vegetables. Many families would sit down together to enjoy such a meal after returning from church and in fact, this is common among other countries with a Christian heritage.
For some, it’s a nostalgic meal as many have fond memories of their mother’s roast potatoes or their father’s delicious roast pork recipe. In fact, have you ever been invited to a friend’s and wondered whether their roast potatoes will taste as good as your families? It can be a difficult recipe to master.
So where better to discover the best tips in perfecting your Sunday roast than from Head Chef Matthew Tomkinson. One of his favourite meals is a roast dinner and some of the inspiration for his delectable menus at both The Terrace and at our New Forest country pub, Monty's Inn come from this traditional British feast.
So Matthew, what are your best tips on roasting Pork?

Preparing the Pork

Firstly you need to buy the best quality free range pork you can buy. Cheaper cuts of better quality are still good though. If the pork is good quality I wouldn’t season or add any additional ingredients as you don’t want to mask the flavour.

The Best Temperature and Timing

It all depends on the size of the cut of pork however the slower the better to lock in the flavours. The make the best crackling simply score the skin, salt it and start on a high head to crackle and then turn down to cook slowly.

The Finishing Touches

In terms of accompanying the meat you cannot go wrong with unsweetened tart apple sauce – it’s perfect!

For a warm and relaxed environment plus a delicious Sunday roast, bring your family to Monty’s Inn – our country pub situated next door to The Montagu Arms Hotel. See inside Monty's Inn.
To book a table call 01590 614986 or book online.
Perfecting The Sunday Roast | Pork

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