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The Art of Nothing

2nd May 2017

Allow us to remind you of this simple pleasure, the art of doing nothing.

Some may argue that a day spent doing nothing isn’t a day well spent at all yet we disagree. Doing nothing is good for your health. Nothing can be achieved through a variety of ways, and here are 5 of them.


The Art Of Nothing | Montagu Arms | Walking

Granted this is a physical activity but walking is a wonderful way to de-stress. Put on your wellies and take a stroll hand in hand through a calming environment such as the forest. Your body will feel calm and your mind will follow suit.
When you visit our hotel in the New Forest we recommend that you deliberately walk slowly, as slow as the beautiful ponies. As you inhale the crisp air and slow down your speed you’ll notice your mind clear and your body relax. Guests of the Montagu Arms often comment on how soothing a slow walk through the National Park is and how much better they feel upon their return to this luxury hotel.


The Art Of Nothing | Montagu Arms | Beaulieu

Reading is a favourite past time for many. Whether it’s a newspaper or fictional story, lose yourself in this peaceful activity in the comfort of the Library Bar or our conservatory with a hot cup of coffee or pot of tea beside you. Taking a sip of your drink will be your only disturbance as you partake in this blissful ‘nothingness’.
Our Library Bar is filled with wonderful reads so don’t worry if you haven’t brought a book with you, there’s bound to be something you’ll like on the shelves.


Time is your own, if you want to nap for an hour or two then be our guest. That’s what our luxury bedrooms are there for – rest. Whilst the recommend nap should only last 20 minutes, you’re on holiday and doing nothing is absolutely acceptable here. So why not extend your nap? Dream happy dreams and wake up well rested.


The Art Of Nothing | Montagu Arms | Sitting

Take a seat in one of our comfortable chairs in the conservatory and admire the beautiful wildlife that visits our gardens. You’ll be surprised at how much there is to see in the garden, we’re often visited by a variety of birds, bugs and even a local Cat who we’ve affectionately named Monty (of course). In fact, cats are a wonderful example of doing nothing and enjoying it. If you’re a cat owner you’ll know how much they enjoy staring out the windows and lying about in the sunshine, thinking of nothing in particular yet happy all the same. Channel your inner cat!


The Art Of Nothing | Montagu Arms | Resting

Why do most seek a break from daily life for a few days? Well to rest of course!
Do what you came here to do, take your shoes off and put your feet up on the bed, nestle your head into the pillows and take deep, long breathes. Let your mind wander into fond memories or daydreams. If this only lasts a few minutes then they are minutes well spent. You’re resting your mind, doing nothing in the best way and at the best place.

Leave the planning to us

From days of nothingness to days of exploring, if you'd rather head outside and explore the village of Beaulieu we have the perfect break for you this season. Our latest special offer has all the trimmings of a relaxing break and more. We've planned the itinerary so you don't have to, all you need to do is choose the activity!

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The Art Of Nothing | Montagu Arms1

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