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Let's Toast To The British Tradition Of Afternoon Tea!

15th Jan 2014

There is something quintessentially British about Afternoon Tea. Originating from the early nineteenth century, it was dreamt up by the 7th Duchess of Bedford, who found herself suffering hunger pangs around mid-afternoon.
During these times, it was common for the day to only consist of 2 meals, breakfast and dinner. So the Duchess, Anna, decided to call for a pot of tea and a light snack to be served in her boudoir to keep her going until later.
Once this activity became more of a habit, she began to invite friends over to accompany her in what we know call Afternoon Tea.
Nowadays, we know exactly what we want from such a meal and with a revival of the tradition over the past decade or so, we have become quite expectant of the perfect selection of treats.
Here at The Montagu Arms we know how to present the perfect combination of scones, sweet treats & tea to please our expectant guests – hopefully even the Duchess of Bedford would have approved!
Although we cannot claim her support, we are incredibly proud to be the Winner of The Tea Guild’s Top City & Country Hotel Tea Award in 2013 – a mighty feat in itself.
So why not join us on our cosy sofas, for an afternoon of comfort and indulgence to toast the brilliant tradition that we are known for the world over.
We serve our Afternoon Tea daily between 3.30pm and 5.30pm – and we advise booking if possible!
Or if you know someone with a special occasion coming up, we offer Gift Vouchers, so they can enjoy their special day in luxury by our roaring fires.

Afternoon tea is priced from £22 per person. Please enquire online, or call us on 01590 612324.

You can view our Afternoon Tea Menu here.
Let's Toast To The British Tradition Of Afternoon Tea! | Montagu Arms1

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