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How To Throw A Summer Party

8th May 2019

By Clara Earp | Wedding and Events Manager

I believe a summer party should be seen as an essential part of your employee social calendar. There is still a long wait until the much enjoyed Christmas festivities, so a summer party is a great motivator for your team. 

Here are my top tips to consider when organising a summer party:


You want your team to have an enjoyable experience and allow them to step away physically and mentally from the office. I recommend leaving the office at lunch time, travelling to the venue together and allowing free time before the evening’s festivities then travelling back together the following morning – Yes, this means treating them to a well-deserved late start!

Organise transport from the office and back again. It allows people to sip champagne all night long and gives you control of their arrival and departure times. 


A BBQ or a buffet is very popular and for good reason. They offer a varied selection of items and mean you don’t need to chase people for a pre-order. A BBQ means you also get to see a Chef at work in our stunning gardens and people love the theatre of watching someone cook. There is also something visually quite impressive with a colourful summer buffet from our award winning kitchen.

How To Throw A Summer Party | Montagu Arms


If time allows how about an activity for the group? The New Forest offers an enviable location of glorious forest and stunning coast line. How about a sailing experience or team challenge in our gardens?

Go Exclusive

With stunning traditional décor and effortless service, The Montagu Arms, set in the charming village of Beaulieu, is the perfect location for an exclusive take over. The hotel boasts tranquil gardens, a cosy lounge your guests can truly relax in. It's a home away from home.

How To Throw A Summer Party | Montagu Arms | Beaulieu

Sounds like a delight, wouldn't you agree? Book your very own summer package now and call Clara Earp, Wedding and Events Manager on 01590 614981 or


How To Throw A Summer Party | Hampshire

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