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Meet the Suppliers - Bloxs Butter

11th Sep 2018

Did you know that every element of The Terrace kitchen’s menu has been carefully considered and perfectly paired, right down to the very curl of butter served for your sourdough?

Meet Oliver, the chef that for the past 7 years has been taking London, Brighton and Hampshire by storm and the man behind Bloxs Butter.

Oliver took his lifetime obsession with the flavour of fermentation, having delved into the world of sauerkraut and alcohol in the past, to a new level when he discovered cultured butter – which he proudly claims tastes better than the mass-produced butter we’d all become accustomed to, until now.

bloxs butter v2

There are only a few other producers of cultured butter in the UK, so this niche and brave venture meant Oliver began with humble expectations, hoping to sell ‘now and again’ at local farmers’ markets, but Bloxs Butter is already selling its delicious produce all over the country, including to some of London’s top restaurants.

So, what makes Bloxs Butter so special?

They say it is all in the detail, and in this case, they’d be right; Oliver’s refined process tells a story of thoughtfully crafted and considered produce, from the decision to use milk specifically from Jersey cows to the method of keeping the butter milk in the recipe to enhance the flavour, but this is just the start. After 5 days of fermentation and tempering, Oliver’s butter is then hand-churned and seasoned specifically to match the bread course that it is destined for – what could be more delicious?

Oliver set forth to experiment and play with seasoning and acidity combinations until they produced butter that would beautifully match the very bread served to you in The Terrace Restaurant - if it is too sour, it just wouldn’t pair perfectly with your sourdough. And the finished product? A beautiful blend made with 1% fine salt for flavour and 2% Dorset Sea Salt for texture and taste.

Just a two years into its life Bloxs Butter is already a huge success and Oliver has already started experimenting with flavoured butters like wild garlic and sheep’s milk butter, so all there is for us to do now is wait excitedly with bread in hand for the next perfect pairing.  

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