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Grower Champagne

9th Jul 2019

A whistle-stop journey through the vineyards that will be gracing the dining room of the Terrace Restaurant.

The Grower Champagne evening’s delectable menu and superbly paired grower Champagnes have been expertly and thoughtfully selected by Phil Weeks, Sales Director of Lea & Sandeman Wine Merchants, our Head Sommelier, Sergio dos Santos and our new Head Chef, Matthew Whitfield, to take you on a uniquely sparkling journey.


Sergio Grower Champagne Dinner


Grower Champagne at its finest

In the last 30 years the wine industry has witnessed a wonderful resurgence of ‘grower Champagne’, where grape growers and their families focus on smaller quantities, family production and hand-crafted Champagnes that beautifully reflect their own distinct vineyards and style.


R&L Legras Champagne - Blanc de Blancs Brut NV Grand Cru Chouilly

Founded in the 16th century, the history of the family took a turn in 1808 with Honoré Legras who established one of the most beautiful vineyards of the Côte des Blancs. For over 6 generations the Maison has been managed by the family and mostly produces Champagne made with Chardonnay from vines aged up to 40 years old.

The Champagne R&L Legras Brut, crafted from only the finest Chardonnay grapes, has been aged for three years on its lees (the dead yeast cells left over from the second fermentation in the bottle) and has a dosage of six grams per litre. The Champagne has a pale colour and the floral aromas are complemented by bright lemony fruit and a subtle toastiness. Pure and precise, smooth textured with elegance and fresh flavours, the wine has a long mineral finish.


Grower Champagne Dinner Blog


Larmandier Bernier Champagne - Larmandier-Bernier ‘Terre de Vertus’ Non Dosé Extra Brut 1er Cru 2012

The Larmandier-Bernier estate is located at the very heart of the Champagne region, on the terroirs of the Côte des Blancs and was born from the marriage of Philippe Larmandier and Elisabeth Bernier.

The estate, now operated by their son, Pierre, has a few plots reaching 70 years of age and is nestled in Vertus. Champagne Larmandier-Bernier produces both grand cru and premier cru Côte des Blancs wines. With a winemaking history dating back to the French Revolution, the Larmandier family have been instrumental in helping make the Côte de Blancs what it is today.

Grower Champagne Dinner Bottle


Egly Ouriet Champagne - Egly-Ouriet ‘Vignes de Vrigny’ Brut NV 1er Cru Ambonnay

One of the pioneers of the grower Champagne movement, Egly-Ouriet only produce wine from their own 11.5 hectares of vineyards in the Grand Cru village of Ambonnay – believed to be the home to some of the greatest Pinot Noir in all of France. Francis Egly is a fourth-generation winemaker and since taking over from his father in 1980, he’s been he’s been committed to only growing the families revered reputation.

On this special occasion, the Egly-Ouriet ‘Vignes de Vrigny’, which has been described as ‘striking’ and ‘impeccably balanced’ will be beautifully paired with locally sourced lamb, reared just 8 miles from The Terrace Restaurant. Dan Smith’s small-scale farming enables him to produce far superior lamb, the only choice for Chef Matt Whitfield, allowing him to create dishes such as Roast Leg of Dan Smith’s Lamb, Summer Vegetables, Garlic, Rosemary Potato and Confit Tomato.

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Gonet Médeville Champagne - Gonet- Médeville ‘Tradition’ Brut NV 1er Cru Ay

In 2000 Xavier Gonet and Julie Medeville were married and soon became the new stars of Champagne, recognised and commended by the most famous critics. The Gonet Médeville Champagne estate was established and the result, the stunning Gonet- Médeville ‘Tradition’ Brut NV 1er Cru Ay crafted from their vines located in Bisseuil, Ambonnay and Mesnil-sur-Oger, impressing the flavours of those very terroirs in its creation.

‘Complex and full bodied’, the Champagne Gonet-Medeville Brut Tradition is ‘limpid gold and delicately shiny’ and known for its universal nature – making it the perfect pairing to Matt Whitfield’s simply delicious Lincolnshire Poacher Cheddar with Celery.

Champagne Glasses


Barnaut Champagne - Barnaut ‘Authentique’ Rose Brut NV Grand Cru Bouzy

In 1874 Edmond Barnaut was a pioneer in Champagne who dared to craft his own brand despite the controlling powers of Epernay and Reims. Now, five generations of Barnauts later, his wine is still made today under the Grande Réserve label, with the family still following the Edmond’s philosophy to "reveal all the riches that nature can express".

You could not finish such a unique evening with anything less; the complex yet ‘gracious’ Barnaut ‘Authentique’ Rose Brut NV Grand Cru Bouzy is fresh, easy to drink and will pair perfectly with the Mascarpone Mousse with Summer Berries, Oat Granola and Raspberry Sorbet that Matt has crafted.


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