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Enjoy A Walk Along The Beaulieu River

20th Jun 2017

Beaulieu is a place of serenity, beauty and splendour, which visitors find themselves so easily immersed in.

With the stillness of the stunning river and the quaint village itself, you find yourself transported back in time to a place of simplicity.
One of the greatest pleasures in life is going for a walk. It clears your mind, stretches your limbs and gives you time to appreciate your surroundings, which we can so easily forget to do in our day to day lives. The Beaulieu River is not just the perfect location for a calming walk, but ideal if you fancy learning a bit of history too.
The riverside walk between Beaulieu village and Buckler’s Hard is two and a quarter miles long (four and a half if you walk back to your starting point). The riverside path takes you past many talking points, allowing you to either enjoy a peaceful walk along the river or learn a little along the way.
Starting in the village and walking south-east, the first point of interest is called Curtle Meadows. In 1966 scenes for the film, ‘A Man For All Seasons’ were shot along the river, as it was observed that it bared similarities to what the River Thames may have looked like in the 16th century.
A little further along the walk is something you may not expect to see; a neon pink fence. Commissioned by the South Bank centre in London, artist Phyllida Barlow created it with her intention for it to be displayed within a rural setting, hence it’s move to Beaulieu. We would tell you to keep your eyes peeled for it, but it’s hard to miss!
As you approach the Keeping Copse, the footpaths split, giving you the choice to walk along the riverbank or through the copse. We suggest walking through the copse one way, and along the river on the way back – best of both worlds!
Walk to Buckler's Hard | The Montagu Arms Hotel
When the paths join back together you will be approaching the end of the walk as you’ll be nearing Buckler’s Hard. On your way there, you will pass the Burnt Oak Copse, which hosts a variety of different trees which provide shelter and food for game birds.
Afternoon Tea Al Fresco | The Montagu Arms Hotel
On your return to the village why not enjoy a cosy afternoon tea in the New Forest back in our lounge? Click here to find out more about our afternoon tea or contact us directly.

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Enjoy A Walk Along The Beaulieu River | Montagu Arms1

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