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Ethical Food Policy


Head Chef Matthew Tomkinson and the staff of The Montagu Arms Hotel believe that free-range organic produce is not just better, because of its purity and freedom from additives but because it tastes a lot better too.

We also believe it is important to know where our produce comes from to help maintain the sustainability of local produce and ensure quality.

The Montagu Arms Hotel is dedicated to using seasonal, free-range ingredients sourced from carefully selected local suppliers and The Montagu Arm's very own Kitchen garden.

Many of our suppliers carry the New Forest Marque, identifying authentic New Forest fare of the highest quality.

Some of the New Forest suppliers that we use include: Owls Barn Farm meat, Lyburn Farm cheese, Clayton Eggs, Merry Orchard Mushrooms, Eling Tide Mill Flour, Fish from S&J Shellfish, fresh vegetables from Exbury Greens, Wodside Farm Lamb and Pork and Beef from Pondhead Farm

Green Policy

green leaf tourism scheme

Considerate hoteliers award


We are taking firm steps to continue being an environmentally friendly, sustainable hotel and maintaing a respect for natural resources through water and energy conservation and material reuse, purchasing recycled materials and using recyclable packaging and other materials where possible.

Our credentials are evidenced by a long standing membership to the New Forest Tourism Association and the local Green Leaf scheme. We are also supporters of the 'Brand New Forest' initiative encouraging new Forest dwellers to shop, buy and eat local in return for various discounts.

The kitchen garden (also an educational resource) has been developed to produce food for use in the hotel restaurant, complete with free-range chickens to provide eggs for breakfast. We have also installed a rocket composter, an in-vessel system that efficiently composts food waste. Food waste is a significant part of our hotel's waste and it is anticipated that the rocket composter will reduce the amount of waste generated by almost half and hotel staff are monitoring the effectiveness of the project. The kitchen garden is proving inspirational among other New Forest businesses and we have run two workshops for people to learn about the project and see its development.

We have invested £300,000 in a state-of-the-art Induction Kitchen which which will reduce our consumption gas (estimated at 70% reduction) and improve the efficiency of our use of electric. 

The hotel runs off of a biomass bioler which uses natural resources like wood pellets to heat up the hotel and produce hot water. This helps the environment by reducing the use of oil.

We have system in place to ensure all the radiators are kept to a minimum heat so the usage is managed and controlled.

We also have system in use to switch off the computers by the plug to save electricity when not in use.

We maintain strong ties with our local suppliers such as Lyburn Farm and Eling Tide Mill. Many of our suppliers carry the New Forest Marque, identifying authentic New Forest fare of the highest quality.

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